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Determine Which Unlock Code You Need For Your Samsung

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Most carriers only lock their Samsung handsets with the NCK lock enabled.  However some networks will have dual locks in place (whereby the NCK and another lock is enabled) or they may have just an alternative lock level such as SCK or SPCK.

When buying an unlock code,  all you get is the NCK unlock code. So if your Samsung phone has multiple locks, make sure you select the proper unlock code service. We offer a Worldwide Samsung service which includes the NCK and unfreeze codes.

To find out what locks are on your phone, enter the following code into your handset while it is turned on and connected to its locked network.
(By this we mean the connected to the network your handset is locked to..so if you are locked to Orange, insert an Orange SIM card into your handset).

Once connected, enter this code: *#7465625#

A menu will be displayed that will look something like this:
1. [xxx] Network lock
2. [xxx] Subset lock
3. [xxx] SP lock

(xxx = Value ON or OFF)

If only the Network lock is displayed saying ON then you will only need to use the NCK code. If you see the Subset lock value as ON then you will need the SCK code and if you see the SP lock value as ON you will need the SPCK code.

An unfreeze code should only be needed if:
(a) You accidentally freeze your handset by entering too many incorrect codes or not following our unlock instructions accurately.
(b) Your handset displays the ‘phone freeze’ message whenever an alternative network SIM card is inserted into your phone prior to it being unlocked.
(c) You see the ‘return for service’ message.

Now you know the correct lock level of your handset and thus the correct code required for input.

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