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Instructions on how to unlock any Nokia cellphone.

How To Unlock Any Nokia Cell Phone

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Nokia unlock code instructions – ALL models:

1. Power off phone. Remove simcard from phone

2. Power on phone, follow the code entry instructions below

Code Entry Instructions:

***IMPORTANT: You only have 3 attempts to enter in your code. So follow the instructions carefully.

You will need to type in #pw+code+1#

– replace the +1 with the correct number for your carrier (listed below)
– replace the word “code” with the unlock code you received.

  • For ROGERS AND FIDO use +7 or +1
  • For all Bell and Telus devices use +5 or +1
  • For all UK devices use +1
  • For all Tmobile USA devices use +1

So for example, if  the unlock code you received was 223456789012345 and you were locked T-mobile USA, you would type in #pw+223456789012345+1#

if your phone has a keyboard, you can go ahead and type in that full unlock code. But if you don’t have a keyboard, here’s what you must press in order to get the p w and +

1) Type #
2) press the * key 3 times (you should get a “p”)
3) press the * key 4 times (you should get a “w”)
4) press the * key 2 times (you should get a “+”)
5) Replace the word CODE with your unlock code
6) press the * key 2 times (you should get a “+”)
7) Then type 1 or 7 for your appropriate phone
8 ) type #

After entering your unlock code the phone should show “SIM Restriction Off”. Your Nokia is now unlocked

If you entered a bad code too many times and get the error “NOT ALLOWED”, then your counter is blocked, and the unlock code cannot be used

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