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Network Unlock Pin Number is Entered Incorrectly Solution for Samsung Cellphones

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If you are trying to enter in your unlock code on your Samsung phone and you keep getting the error “Network unlock pin number is entered Incorrectly. Contact your service provider”, it means that your phone is hardlocked. In order to solve this problem, you will need both a network unlock code AND a defreeze code.

If you did not receive a defreeze code together with your network unlock code, you must have selected a less expensive unlocking service that did not include all of the codes. Click this defreeze code link to purchase your Samsung defreeze code.

Once you have both your network unlock code and defreeze code, simply follow the instructions below.

1. Remove the simcard from your phone and power it on

2. Go to a dial screen and dial #7465625*638*#

3. Phone will now ask you to enter in a code. Enter in the defreeze code first and click ok

4. Phone will say “unsuccessful”. Ignore the message, and now enter in the Network unlock code. Click ok

5. Your phone is now unlocked

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