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Unlock Instructions

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If you purchased and received your unlock code, here’s what you must do in order to enter it in correctly.

Find Your Unlocking Instructions

The menu on the left lists a wide range of phone manufacturers, such as Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, and more.
1) Find your manufacturer in the list
2) Click it and you will be taken to a list with many different phone models
3) Find your model and follow the instructions. If your model isn’t listed, send us an email.

What To Do if You Received Multiple Unlock Codes

Some unlock services we offer will send you every possible code for your phone. In most cases you will only need to use the first code you receive, usually labeled the NCK code. But there are times when you may be required to enter in other codes, so below is a brief explanation of what each code is for.

For most phones:
NCK, or NETWORK = This is the unlock code you must enter (usually the only one you will need)

SPCK, or PROVIDER = This is the service provider code, which is *sometimes* required

FREEZE, DEFREEZE or MCK = Unfreeze Code, for Samsung phones that ask for a phone freeze or defreeze code

MEP2 = Network MEP Code. This is usually the only code you will need to enter in to unlock your Blackberry.

MEP4 = Service Provider Code. Might be required depending on the carrier that your Blackberry is locked to. Telus Canada for instance, will require that you enter in the MEP4 code.

What To Do if You Purchased Unlock Software

All unlock software we sell comes with a link (to download) and 1 unlock account (which consists of a username and a password). The unlock account will allow you to unlock 1 phone.

Included with the software will be a PDF with instructions. Just follow those instructions to make sure you have all the right drivers installed before unlocking your phone.

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