Unlocking FAQ

Unlocking Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is unlocking?

A: In most cases when a cellular phone is purchased from a service provider, it is locked to that provider such that only sim cards from that particular service provider will work. Our phone unlocking service removes the lock, enabling you to use your phone with any sim card.
Benefits of unlocking your phone with us include
* No more roaming charges !
* Switch freely between service providers!
* Increase resale value of your phone
* 100% safe unlocking that does not interfere with the operation of your phone

Q: What phones can you unlock?

A: We can unlock most GSM phones on the market, as well phones that are both CDMA AND GSM.

Q: My cellphone asks for a subsidy password. Can you help?

A: Yes! To get rid of that message and allow your phone to work on any gsm network, simply purchase an unlock code off our site.

Q. When will i receive my code?

A: it depends on the unlocking service you are using. For example, a Blackberry code can be ready in minutes where as an Ericsson code can take a couple of days. Refer to the product page to find out an approximation of how long it will take.

Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A: If the code is not available, you will be refunded. If for some reason the code doesn’t work, a refund will depend on several factors, such as which service was purchased, and whether the phone might be the problem and not the code. Fo some phones, we may request a video of you entering the code as proof that the code didn’t work.

Q: Can i cancel my purchase if i have already placed an order?

A:  No, we cannot cancel a purchase. Most orders begin processing within minutes of receiving your phone details. Even if you have not received your code yet, we can’t cancel the order, as the wheels are already im motion and the supplier is already processing the order.