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Welcome to our support page. You can find answers to most of your unlocking questions by referring to the links below.

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How do i find my cell phone imei number?

Dial *#06#

How can i determine if my Blackberry is unlocked?

A. On your BlackBerry, go to Options > Advanced Options > Sim Card

B. At that screen type MEPD (see note below) on your keyboard. A new menu will pop up. If your BlackBerry has a SureType keyboard (71xx and 81xx devices) you will need to double-tap the P, so the actual keys entered become M E P P D.

C. Look for Network in the list

D. If your device is unlocked, it should say “Disabled” or “Inactive”. If it says Active, it’s still locked to that carrie

How can find my Blackberry MEP number?

There are a few instances where we will ask you to send us your Blackberry’s MEP number. If for example, your unlock code is not available in the carrier’s database, we can calculate your unlock code ourselves using your MEP.

Other times, depending on the Blackberry service you used or where you bought your code, you might end up receiving over 10 unlock codes to try. Your Blackberry will only allow up to 10 attempts (for the most part) to enter in a correct code before it becomes permanently locked. So by using your MEP we will be able to calculate the one good code you need, eliminating the risk of having to try a bunch of codes and potentially locking your Blackberry permanently.

  • 1. Connect the Blackberry to your computer using the original USB cable
  • 2. Download this software: download
  • 3. Extract the zip file, and double click FBL.exe
  • 4. Click “Read Blackberry Handset Info”
  • 5. Send us the MEP number.

Im trying to enter in an unlock code on my Motorola phone but it says “Contact Service Provider”, “Tamper Alert”, “Wait before enter special Code”. What can i do?

Insert the simcard of your NEW provider into your phone (dont insert an older simcard from your old working provider). Upon entering this new sim, the phone wont recognize it and will prompt you for a subsidy password. Enter the unlock code you received.

What to do if – “Contact Service Provider”, “Tampert Alter”, “Wait before enter special Code” message is displayed?

If after inserting a simcard from a different provider you notice the message “contact service provider” or any of the messages above, you will need to leave your phone on, at that “contact service provider” screen, for 1-3 hours (up to 24 hours). Just let it sit on that screen and dont touch any buttons during that time. After sitting idle for some time, the message will eventually switch to something like “enter subsidy password”, and you can then enter your code.

For Models: Motorola L6i & L7i (not L6 and L7 without “i”)

  • 1 – Press and hold “*” key by dialing code 787090
  • 2 – The mobile displays: “Menu. Network”
  • 3 – Choose ‘yes’ and then press OK
  • 4 – The mobile ask you for code
  • 5 – Enter the code for unlocking

My Pantech is asking for a network PUK?

If you are trying to unlock your pantech C810 and it gives you the following error:

This phone is only accepts SIMs from specific netowrks, and has been blocked. Contact you customer service center for the unlock block code.
Unblock code:
New password:
Re-type new password:

Then you will need to reflash your phone before you can unlock it. Download and unzip this file. Follow the included instructions on how to flash your phone. Once it has been flashed, restart your phone with your new simcard inserted. It should ask you for your unlock pin. Type in the unlock code we sent you

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