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Terms and conditions

Our Terms and conditions

Please make sure you understand these terms before ordering:

1) Unless otherwise stated, your unlock code order will consist of the network unlock code only. This is fine for most locked phones, but you may occasionally require other codes (like a defreeze code or SP code). If you need one of these other codes, make sure you select an unlock service which clearly states that all other codes will be sent as well.

2) The delivery time you are quoted is an ESTIMATE, and while 90% of orders arrive on time, delays do occasionally happen. If you are in a rush and absolutely need your code to arrive on time, then *do not order*. Processing delays are something we have no control over (the same applies for any unlocking website). We CANNOT cancel/refund delayed orders.

3) Generally an order cannot be cancelled once it has been submitted. However some slower unlock services do have a small window of opportunity, so if you send us an email we will try our best to cancel the order, but cannot guarantee that it will be possible.

4) Listed below are mistakes made by customers which result in a non-working unlock code. Cases like these CANNOT BE REFUNDED:

  • – You selected the wrong unlocking service
  • – You supplied an incorrect imei or incorrect phone model
  • – You selected an unlock service which clearly stated that your phone was not supported

5) Listed below are some other issues we are not responsible for. You will not be refunded for any of the reasons below:

  • – The phone was hardlocked (all of the unlocking attempts were already maxed out, rendering the unlock code useless before it could even be used)
  • – The phone was already unlocked
  • – The phone you are trying to unlock is not a gsm phone
  • – You bought an unlock code thinking it did something entirely different (an unlock code unlock the phone so that you can use it with a different GSM carrier, it will not unlock hidden phone features and or remove personal passwords set by a user).

6) If you bought an unlock code from another website already and the code failed, then CONTACT US before ordering on our website, so we can narrow down the problem. If you do not contact us and once again receive the same, non working unlock code, we might not be able to refund you.

7) If the unlock code you received does not work, we may require video proof to see the error before we can send you a refund. This video must show the imei, the unlock code being entered, and the error message.

8) Always make sure you dial *#06# to get the phone imei number, and check it twice before submitting it. We are not responsible for incorrect unlock codes resulting from incorrect imeis.

9) You are responsible for knowing whether the phone you are unlocking will be compatible with the network you wish to switch to.

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